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Schindler MetaCore

Schindler introduces Schindler MetaCore – the innovative solution that makes the repurposing of buildings simple and sustainable. Considering the environmental impact, time to market, and investment costs, the most sustainable approach to urban construction evolution is to reuse buildings that already exist. By using the Schindler MetaCore optimized traffic management platform, building owners can seamlessly offer solutions to combine life, leisure, and work at one single location. And most importantly, it helps to reduce the carbon footprint by removing the need for demolition and new construction.

Building owners are faced with the challenge of converting monofunctional buildings into mixed-use buildings to better meet the requirements of today’s cities. The creation of vibrant neighborhoods is on the rise. For example, renowned urbanists from Harvard University and MIT estimate that New York City has the equivalent of 26 Empire State Buildings worth of empty space that could be repurposed.

Florian Troesch, Head of Transit Management & Digital Solutions at Schindler, explains, that Schindler MetaCore presents architects, developers, and building owners with a full suite of services, products, and easily reprogrammable elevator systems. “Mixed-use developments have many advantages. One of the biggest is that reusing what we already have is the most sustainable approach to change.”

The Schindler MetaCore system has been recognized by the global non-profit Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) with the 2023 Award of Excellence. The system allows office buildings to increase their longevity by giving them the option to reinvent themselves – seamlessly and endlessly. Building owners will be able to adapt their structures to new purposes at will.

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