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Once planning permission has been obtained, and the shaft has been completed, the installation of the lift takes between two and four weeks.
Volkslift offers lifts, tailored, personalized and adapted to the requirements of each building. Maximum versatility in design to obtain spacious cars and greater door clearance combined with safety, comfort and aesthetics to blend in with the environment in all our projects.
Volkslift lifts have automatic rescue systems to take the lift to the floor and open the doors, thereby enabling the easy evacuation of personnel.
Volkslift offers single phase lifts at 220 V, with reduced consumption, with either electric or hydraulic technology, without needing to install and contract a new line.
In addition to an extensive catalogue of car models, Volkslift has a wide range of personalized finishes for you to decorate your car to suit your taste.
Volkslift LIFTS has eco-efficient designs offering reduced consumption. We offer lifts with the latest innovations in energy efficiency: intelligent lighting (LEDs), standby management systems and electricity recovery equipment.
Yes, we have life-cycle analysis tools (eco-indicator 99) that allow us to assess the ecological profile of each of our products, complying in advance with Directive 2009/125/EC.
Please contact us, we will send you a cost estimate shortly.

Elevator cost may vary depending on type and size of elevator, number of floor it serves, cabin finishes etc. Depending on these factors a lift for home could cost anything from $ 40,000 on-wards, yet there are also secondary costs such as:
1. Maintenance, electricity consumption and running costs.
2:Amount of space you have to Sacrifice for Elevator.
3. Cost of other preparatory building works.
4. Safety of human life. 

Building Works: Building works for a Elevator Shaft and Motor Room is primary expanse, that building owner must carry out these works for Installation. Some Elevators require less civil work options such as Platform Lift and Stair Lift. The option of metal lift shafts supplied by elevator companies is another trend. Elevator Installation: Elevator Equipment + Cost of Logistics+ Installations + Engineering and Services Charges by Agency + Provisions of warranty and free one year Service.
This problem is often faced by customer when many companies decide to price its product differently, how would you know if you are paying right price for the elevator, the price you pay may be still cheaper than some top tier elevator companies but if its not the same product there is no way for you to compare and tell exact pricing. If you have doubt about your pricing ask us for a advice you on your lift installation, modernization or maintenance pricing.
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