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Asia Digital Lift Company is one of the leading importers of the Supplier, Contractor of elevators and escalators in Bangladesh. The company has been doing business since 2017 with a good reputation. The company offers a range of services including installation, testing, commissioning, modernization, service and maintenances of elevator and escalator. The company has experience in installing more than 500+ lifts and escalators.
The target of our company is to create the number one position as the best elevator company in Bangladesh in 2030, for this the company is moving forward with a multi-faceted plan.
We are the only ones who guarantee all the safety functions of the elevator, which you can use the elevator safely, we never compromise on the quality of the elevator, we do it 100% perfectly by the skilled engineer team. You can be 100% satisfied with Asia Digital Lift Company.
The company has employed more than 100+employees to provide reliable and efficient service to our valued customers. We are conveniently located in different parts of the country to cater to your needs.
We sell high quality elevator and escalator.
We are doing business with utmost efficiency, professionalism, commitment and responsibility. The company is offered technical and electronic services of the elevator and escalator by the high quality expert engineer team.

Our engineering team for technical and electronic specialists who specialize in all the elevator and escalators. The company’s engineers have gained huge knowledge and experience in the country and abroad continuously.

We provide good quality products with free technical advice, modern technology, best efficiency, and convenient services as well as providing technical training to our customers.
In addition, we would like to inform you that in the Japan, UK, Italy, South Korea, Turkey, Taiwan, Iran, China and India. Many types of elevator and escalator import and supply successfully have been testing and commissioned.

The company has a strong expert engineer professional team, as well as the technical expertise and experience of management.
The company has a strong professional team of expert engineers, we are always ready for 24 hours service, and you will be assured of that service.

Looking forward to your earlyreply.
Best Regards
Md. Bellal Hossain

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